Miharu Celebrates Environment Day with Sustainable Dokra Jewelry.

Miharu Celebrates Environment Day with Sustainable Dokra Jewelry.

For our artisan communities at Miharu, celebrating the environment and utilizing natural resources is a way of life, not just a marked occasion. Every single day, our artisans embody a lifestyle that honors and respects the environment through sustainable practices and optimal utilization of locally available resources.

Each step of the Dhokra jewelry crafting process reflects this deep connection with nature. The philosophy of the five elements, or Panchbhoot, is the ultimate composition of any material, and our handcrafted art forms are a perfect culmination of these elements:

🌏 Earth (Prithvi):
Local clay is used to create the initial molds, grounding our work in the soil of Bankura. This clay is integral to the Dhokra process, reflecting our deep-rooted connection to our motherland. The rich, brownish-red clay not only forms the base of our molds but also symbolizes our commitment to sustainable practices.

💧 Water (Jal):
The modeling of designs involves extracting beeswax using hot water. This beeswax is then mixed with mustard oil to create a natural solution, offering the best medium for creating fine, intricate models. This step showcases the resourcefulness and sustainability of using locally sourced materials.

🔥 Fire (Agni):
The transformation of materials is driven by fire. Broken metals and pieces of brass are melted at high temperatures in a furnace. This molten metal is then poured into the clay molds, which are heated in a crude furnace built with loose bricks. The fire represents the transformative power that brings our designs to life.

☁️ Air (Vayu) and Space (Akash):
Sun-drying the molds over several days embodies the elements of air and space. This natural drying process leverages solar energy, reducing the need for artificial drying methods. The open space where the furnace is set up allows air to flow freely, playing a crucial role in the casting process. The molds are sun-dried over several days, signifying space and air, and further enhancing the sustainability of our process.

Once the molds are ready, they are carefully removed from the fire using tongs. The molds are inverted, allowing the molten brass to fill the intricate spaces within. Finally, the clay molds are broken to reveal the newly formed artifact, which is then meticulously cleaned and polished.

At Miharu, our dedication to the environment is woven into every piece of Dhokra jewelry we create. This World Environment Day, we celebrate a lifestyle that needs cherishing and support to thrive for another 4,000 years.

Join us in honoring the environment and supporting sustainable practices. Discover the essence of handcrafted Dhokra jewelry that beautifully embodies the five elements, and become part of a legacy that respects and protects our planet.

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