Our Story

Miharu is a social venture which makes handmade brass jewellery and handloom silk dupattas from dying crafts of Bengal. We try to fuse authentic classics into modern contemporary art, and work with local skilled craftsmen to bring it to life. We want to give everyone the opportunity to wear an impact- an aesthetically pleasing product which does good and is connected to our roots.

Miharu started from my want to do something, the intense desire to hustle. After being married and having two beautiful daughters, Arushi and Mihika, I decided to take the plunge and start my own small business. Being a qualified designer and being based in the heart of the majestic state led me to explore the local crafts, where I found my calling.

We, at Miharu, pride ourselves to be authentic and true to our crafts- a 4000 year old metal casting technique of Dokra (The Mohenjo Daro dancing girl is made from Dokra) and a ancient weave called Baluchari. The last 7 years have been a learning curve, as we learnt more about the market and ways to adapt our art into it. When I sat and designed our first product, and saw it materialize, I would never imagine that Miharu would be working with and supporting 8 Dokra families and 10 weavers in 2020. Being able to adopt clusters of women from the suburbs of our town, and train them to produce such eye-catching jewellery is a joy.

Being able to experience so many great opportunities- getting awarded by the hands of APJ Abdul Kalam, being among the Top 40 contestants on Egiye Bangla, or being among the Top 25 womenpreneurs on AIRSWEE - has been surreal. Calling ourselves vendors at Taj Khazana and Fab India, or participating in IFJAS thrice in a row, is a dream come true. Getting craftmark certified for Dokra was another small victory. Thank you for supporting our small, home-grown brand. We strive to bring you high quality, handmade 'contemporary classics', and will continue to do so.  


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