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  • Charubala Pavan

    Absolutely beautiful jewellery. Modern designs crafted without losing the traditional appeal. We bought 4 sets of Dokra jewellery for our friends and wore it on a girl's holiday. The pieces looked gorgeous.
  • Salma Sahu

    The design is beautiful and the quality is amazing, your earings and bracelet design are just beautiful. I love the way you guys are promoting dhokra art with your chic and trendy creations.
  • Shailja Sachan

    Miharu is one of the very few brands who are truly making the Dokra craft contemporary and desirable for women who want to wear quality artisanal jewellery. Truly recommend!
  • Prachi Agarwal

    The materials used are of high quality. The brass and bronze used in Dokra jewellery give it a distinctive look and feel. They are durable and long-lasting, and the colours don't fade or tarnish easily. Overall, I am extremely happy with my purchase of Dokra jewellery.
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