The meaning behind Miharu's Logo

The meaning behind Miharu's Logo

Miharu is more than just a brand; it is a confluence of two intrinsic and natural extensions of our founder Parul Bajoria. Named after her two daughters names – Mihika and Arushi. Miharu is also a profound connection to nature and the rich tapestry of cultural heritage of #Dhokra. Rooted in this ethos, Miharu embodies the essence of harmony with nature, reflecting our deep reverence for the earth and its creations.

Situated in Bankura, West Bengal, Miharu finds its spiritual home amidst the natural splendour of this region, renowned for its iconic Red Terracotta Bankura Horse. Symbolizing national significance, this majestic creature also serves as the official logo of Central Cottage Industries Corporation of India Ltd. (CCIC), Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India representing the cultural vibrancy, versatility of this age-old heritage.

Our brand's connection to nature transcends beyond geographical boundaries. It is ingrained in every aspect of our identity, from our Dhokra community in Bankura to the very essence of our logo. Each element of our logo bears a symbolic significance, echoing our values and interconnectedness to CRAFTING AN IMPACT.

Team Miharu works in collaboration with dhokra artisans to make handmade, heritage jewellery that is appealling to socially concious women of today.

The brownish-red horizontal line represents the 'mitti' (soil) of Bankura, our karmabhoomi, inseparable from the Dhokra making process. It symbolizes our rootedness in the earth, grounding us in tradition and authenticity.
The golden-brown semi-circles symbolize the fine lines of wax meticulously crafted by hand, adorning each piece of Dhokra jewellery. These lines not only lend a signature textured effect but also signify the enduring nature of this ancient art form, rising and growing like the golden sun, day by day, for thousands of years.

At Miharu, we strive to evoke the beauty of nature and the richness of tradition, inviting you to embrace the essence of this 4000-year-old journey, where nature meets impact, and every creation is a testament to our deep connection with the earth.

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