The Journey of a Dhokra: A peek into Miharu's Creative Process

The Journey of a Dhokra: A peek into Miharu's Creative Process

Drawing from traditional Dhokra motifs and contemporary trends, our designers curate unique designs that blend heritage with modernity.

Prioritizing versatility, we ensure our designs appeal to a wide audience while maintaining cultural authenticity.

Designs are translated into tangible samples, allowing for a visual representation of the final product.

Each sample undergoes rigorous assessment to ensure superior quality and aesthetic appeal before moving to production.

Dhokra elements serve as the foundational components, complemented by wirework and gemstone embellishments to enhance intricacy.

Skilled artisans execute production, meticulously combining materials to bring each design to life with precision and passion.

Collaboration with artisans involves specialized tasks such as intricate thread work and incorporating authentic touches from local village. Artisan contributions infuse each piece with cultural richness, highlighting the authenticity of our creations.

Pieces undergo thorough cleaning, polishing, and finishing in-house to meet stringent quality standards. This stage ensures each piece reflects the desired aesthetic and quality, adding the final touches to achieve perfection.

Miharu’s jewellery design journey is characterized by a seamless integration of traditional techniques and modern creativity, resulting in exquisite pieces that embody the essence of Indian craftsmanship.

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