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Dokra Jewellery is an invaluable unique addition to anyone’s closet. The golden lustre of the brass ornaments enhances almost all outfits and being able to adorn a piece of ancient craft has a special feel to it. One of the most popular questions we get from our customers is on how to take care of the Jewellery they get from Miharu.

How to clean dokra jewellery - Miharu Crafts
Ideally, Dokra Jewellery should be wrapped with a cotton or muslin cloth and stored in a jewellery box to preserve the original shine for as long as possible. Gently wiping the Dokra (or brass) components with a soft cotton cloth or a soft brush every few months should remove any dust particles on the surface.

All jewellery sold at Miharu is treated with appropriate chemicals to ensure that the original shine and colour lasts for a few years. This coating helps prevent Dokra from getting oxidised and developing discolouration. However, if Dokra eventually starts forming a black or blue layer, it can be reversed using toothpaste.
Firstly, gently clean the Dokra components of the jewellery with a dry cotton cloth. Secure the thread component of the jewellery away by gathering it together and wrapping it with a second cloth. Now a cloth with small amounts of toothpaste can be rubbed on a dust-free artefact, and a fresh clean cloth is used to clean it all over again.
A brass polish (like Brasso) can be used too. After cleaning the Dokra with a soft cloth and securing the thread components away, a little bit of Brasso can be poured and rubbed over the Dokra using a soft cloth. The whole accessory should be cleaned all over with a fresh clean cloth to conclude the procedure.

Brass Cleaner - How to clean dokra jewellery | Miharu Crafts
Dokra tends to form a beautiful natural blueish-green coating of patina when it is exposed to the atmosphere for a long period of time. This gives Dokra a vintage rustic look, which is often preferred.

How to clean dokra jewellery - Miharu Crafts

All products at Miharu are treated to inhibit the formation of Patina, but one can remove the patina from other products using a homemade mixture of soda bicarbonate and lemon juice. Small amounts of the mixture can be used to rinse a dust-free artefact. The artefact should be thoroughly cleaned using a dry clean cotton cloth after applying the mixture. Using this method on jewellery is involving thread-work is advised against as the mix can cause the threads to get affected and lose their colour.
Being gentle while cleaning Dokra is the key. Rubbing it with a lot of force can lead to abrasion, causing the bell metal to erode.
If you have any other queries on ways to take care of our jewellery, please reach out to us at and we would be happy to help!

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